Smash Ball 3D Unblocked Game at school


Most of the simple toys of time killers are still difficult for the user - they are not so easy to pass level after level, and an unprepared player often loses in the very first seconds, being forced to start progress from the beginning. Against this background, Smash Ball 3D stands out favorably - to control here you only need to press the spacebar, successfully choosing the moment for this.

The principle of the game is as follows: you control a ball that bounces evenly over the surface of rotating circular blocks. The blocks themselves are divided into sectors, each of which has its own bright color. The ball is colored in the color of one of the sectors - it means that when a sector of the same tone appears under the game projectile, press the space bar to push the blocks down. At the same time, you cannot push through sectors painted in a different color - according to the rules of Smash Ball 3D, this will mean defeat and the need to re-pass the level.

Colored sectors gradually shift as you go down the blocks, so you should not rush too much, although the game still goes on for a while. The player's task is to push through all the blocks, reaching the very bottom of the structure, after which he automatically goes to the next level.

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