Slope Tunnel Unblocked Game at school


The name of this game speaks for itself - this is the well-known Slope, only now the usual ball moves not along the track, but along the tunnel closed on all sides. As in all other games in the series, in Slope Tunnel your task is to direct the game projectile to the right or left to avoid dangerous obstacles. In this case, such obstacles are cracks in the walls of the tunnel - through them, you can fall out of it, which will mean a loss and a necessary restart.

The laws of physics do not work in this game - in the sense that the ball, rolling on the adjacent, partially vertical walls, immediately makes them horizontal, "crushing" under itself. The tunnel cannot be seen far ahead but is formed right in the process of the ball's movement, therefore the cracks in it appear regularly, sometimes just in front of the ball. As in numerous analogs, the ball is constantly accelerating in Slope Tunnel Unblocked, so achieving noticeable success is a serious challenge that not every player can cope with.

Despite the primitive graphics and elementary rules, this toy will be able to tighten you up for a long time. Do not consider the time spent in it wasted - remember that it develops attentiveness and coordination of movements.

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