Slope Cyber Unblocked Game at school


Slope Cyber is an amazing, adventurous game made with Unity Engine. You are in the 3D world. The main aim of the game is to move the ball as far as possible. With each level, the speed will be increasing. It is a real challenge to the gamer.

The game is created on the basis of html5. It suits for all the browsers. The gamer needs to control the ball in a cyber city. The graphics looks magnificent. You will see parts of the buildings in a 3D mode. The colours are not bright. The game is done in grey colour.

During the gaming process, the gamer is running the ball. The balls can be different. You can purchase a new one in the shop. There is a football ball, basketball, etc. Besides, you can buy boosters there. They will help the gamer to collect extra crystals on the levels. Crystals are a kind of currency in the game. You can buy balls and boosters for them.

The longer distance the gamer is running, the more crystals he can collect. With every level, the speed is getting higher. The gamer can control the ball with arrows. Parts of the surfaces will be rotating. Try not to fall. Besides, there are obstacles in the route. Some of them can move. Avoid them, not to crash the ball. There are springboards in the route. They will help the gamer to jump longer.

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