Slope Ball Unblocked Game at school


This game is perfect for all Slope fans who are a little tired of the monotonous design of the first version. The graphics are even simpler here - only abstract vertical rectangles are visible on the sides, theoretically imitating buildings. But the player should not be interested in them, but in the track that opens in front of him - it is necessary to control the rapidly rolling ball so that it does not fall off the track, but rolls as far as possible. In other words, all that is needed is to direct it to the right or left in time.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the route is not even integral - it consists of separate pieces hanging in the air that are not connected. The ball easily overcomes the distance between them - somewhere because the next stage is located below the previous one, and somewhere due to the springboard. However, the fragments of the path are not laid in a straight line - they can go to the right or the left, and you need to be careful not to let the ball fall.

The meaning of Slope Ball is not in the amazing graphics and not in the addictive gameplay, because it is just a time-killer that allows you to occupy yourself in a situation when you have a free minute. Nevertheless, this game and the entire franchise have quite a lot of fans.

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