Slope Run Unblocked Game at school


The familiar title of the famous series didn't fool you: Slope Run Unblocked truly represents another version of the legendary time-killer franchise. If you think only in the most general terms, then the rules are still the same: you control a ball that rolls forward and without your participation, but there are always obstacles on the way that you need to dodge, and this is your direct responsibility.

At the same time, Slope Run, of course, has its own peculiarities. In particular, the track is a complete track without any bends, and even more so it does not consist of separate platforms located at different heights. There are no speed-ups or bonus diamonds here. Too primitive, you say? No matter how it is, because this version is built from the opposite - now the player needs not only to dodge a small obstacle but to slip into a kind of pocket, which in its diameter does not greatly exceed the size of the game projectile. Once again: obstacles now cover almost the entire width of the path!

Primitive and simple, such a game allows you not only to kill a small amount of time interestingly but also helps to train your reaction speed and attentiveness. Be vigilant - it is addictive!

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