Slope 2 Unblocked Game at school


Simple games are not left in the past at all - on the contrary, the developers still create pleasant and unobtrusive time killers, and even update their best creations. So, Slope 2 Unblocked, in comparison with the previous version, received more pleasant graphics and musical accompaniment, and the developers have also introduced the collection of bonuses - now the player is interested in not just going all the way, but also following a strictly specified trajectory.

Otherwise, the principle of the game has not changed - you still control the ball, which is rapidly rolling forward along the track, surrounded by a three-dimensional, but drawn extremely simple cityscape. The simplicity of the Slope 2 graphics should not bother you - the programmers just wanted to make the toy run even on weak devices, especially since the player still has no time to be distracted by the scenery. Like the driver of a car, you will have no time to admire the surroundings if you want to succeed.

Particular vigilance must also be exercised because accelerators have now appeared on the track, forcing the ball to roll sharply faster here and now. But the added complexity only makes the gameplay more fun - enjoy it any time you have free!

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